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Spanish Phrases Buddy 1.0

Light and simple program for learning useful Spanish phrases
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Spanish Phrases Buddy is a light, simple yet useful free program for learning many of the most useful phrases in Spanish. It has a very straightforward interface in which you will find 49 commonly-used English phrases. You only need to choose the phrase you want to translate to Spanish and click on it. The interface has two blank spaces at the top. The upper space shows the English phrase you choose, and the lower one shows its Spanish translation. A very useful feature is the possibility of hearing the Spanish pronunciation of the phrase, said by a Spanish-speaking person. You can replay the audio part as many times as you need just by clicking on the speaker-shaped button at the upper right.
Although the program may appear too simple, it can be very useful for learning the most essential Spanish phrases to use during an overseas trip or when talking to Spanish-speaking people in your own country. Also, it can serve as a useful refresher tool for people who already speak Spanish. Children also can use it to learn their first Spanish phrases. You can view this tool online as a Flash animation. It is worth giving it a try.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Light
  • Contains many of the most common Spanish phrases


  • Some people may find it too basic
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